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Sustainability Concept, Through academia, LEED and Business

During the last few years, sustainability has come to interest of many businesses, including media and pop culture. Sustainability, though, is a hazy definition to many people, but generally it means the need to conserve our resources, but many people have no idea what it is to be exact. While some businesses and firms has used sustainability as a way of promotion for, like giving them an image of humanity and nature-friendliness, many scholars and academic organizations are taking the concept of sustainability more seriously. As for many architecture and design students and even people who not academically involved, and only interested in the idea of living in a sustainable manner with the environment, the natural resources are dwindling. The academic graduates in Architecture currently in the United States and many countries around the world are including in their researches ways of and methodologies that have appraisal for our currently limited resources.

The Harvard University, Yale, Columbia and MIT are the most universities that adapt these kinds of philosophies and in the Architectural Record enlisted as the most respected graduate projects in such issues. Next to them in the ranking of this regard come the, Virginia Polytechnic and State University, University of California, Berkeley and Oregon in the matter of sustainability programs. Yale is recently is including a joint-degree program between the Architecture School and the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

Doubtlessly there is a number of individuals that are interested in sustainability without having interest in an academic degree in architecture. And there are many schools emerge supporting these kinds of interested people. Some schools, even, offer many online lectures and downloadable content with lectures and other material about architecture, urban design, art and planning , of nearly the same content as the academic studies of University of Notre Dame, MIT and Utah State University to the people of interest, but giving them no academic degree in such fields though. Among them comes the University of Hong Kong which offers Online courses about sustainable architecture and energy in English Language.

In the past there was one problem about sustainable building programs, that they have no specific standards for the sustainable buildings. But during the 2000’s the LEED Program for rating sustainable buildings. The LEED was created by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and the word is an abbreviation for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It gives standards to be followed, in energy usage, sustainability in material and the efficiency of their usage, and the builders should follow these standards to be LEED accredited. It can be used standard for the building companies to follow in addition to be used as material for universities to teach their academic students.

The companies, firms and governments are expected to be make their work more sustainability-friendly in the upcoming years. It means saving Energy, resources and material, though some companies might use it as a way for promotion and slogans like “Going Green”.

And in the matter of energy saving lights are being replaced by LED lights in Los Angeles, that’s according to the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Lighting, which will save up to 40% of the energy annually and will decrease the costs going to maintenance, meaning more savings for companies and governments.

The sustainability concept is new relatively, giving a chance for the market to grow and a chance for us to see it more and more in architecture and even at homes.

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