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El-Hakim Mosque


Friday, The 5th of Ramadan at  403 AH, for the first time; the people of Egypt go outside the great wall of Cairo to perform their prayers inside the larger  of a mosque  that was built in the Fatimid Egyptian era, which they later named ” El-Hakim Mosque”

Located in El Muiz Le Din Allah Street,Cairo,Egypt. This building was utilized at the time of Napoleon Bonaparte as a fort and stockroom. By the progression of time the significant piece of the first building was destroyed until it was remodeled by the Boharas in 1981 .

The initiative of this building was launched by El-Aziz Bi-Allah who was the father of El-Hakim Bi-Amr Allah who finished its development. El-Hakim was known as a despot and tyrant ruler who taboo eating certain things like Molukhiya and kept the shoemakers from making ladies shoes and numerous other oppressive things. He was entranced with wandering around the city during the evening and he kicked the bucket in secretive conditions in the zone of El Muqattam and his body was not discovered.



The Fatimid style of enrichment shows up obviously in the yard of the veneer and the two stone Minarets on its either sides that were upheld with trapezoidal bases. These Minarets were restored after 1303 quake by Baybars II or El-Gashankir who included the lovely housings with rubbles and the Mabkhara to them.


One of the value recognizing highlights in the inside arrangement of the mosque is that the focal passageway is higher than the side passageways encompassing it. The Mihrab of the mosque is liberally ornamented with marble carvings and shining overlaid and the roof is upheld with wharf underpins. Alongside the Mihrab, one can see the lovely specialty with wooden tie- shafts that was introduced to the mosque by Omar Makram.

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