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Excessive Urbanization Needs a Rain Check

Modern cities are considered the utopia of human civilization, an achievement of science and technology into making human lives better and comfortable. Post-Industrial Revolution, the pace of growth knew no bounds and many cities were developed from suburbs into full-fledged pantheon of human excellence. Less did we care about what was happening to our ecosystem. How we were slowly poisoning the environment by becoming its archenemy in the name of blind urbanization.

It took us more than 200 years to realize what we had done to our environment and what would be its direct consequences on the future of human life on this planet. Needless to say, our survival instinct kicked in, and we have been trying to slow the pace of unnecessary debacle of the environment ever since.

Urbanization of towns has created a polarity of resources which led to mass migration from suburbs into cities in search of resources and better lifestyle. Need for sustainable growth is important to check the steep rise in environmental degradation and downfall of the natural resources. It is essential to make a blueprint of an action plan aimed at developing the cities keeping a comprehensive growth of everyone in mind.

An Urban Planning Conference 2015 aimed at creating a comprehensive plan to develop the cities in a manner that promotes sustainable development environmentally, economically and socially is due in Italy in the month of October. Such an urban planning conference is the roadmap for the future of planning and development of our cities keeping in mind the needs of our future generation in mind.

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