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Nanotechnology presents chances to make new and better items. It additionally has the potential to enhance appraisal, administration, and aversion of natural dangers. Then again, there are unanswered inquiries concerning the effects of nano materials and nano items on human   wellbeing and the earth.

In December 2004, EPA’s Science Policy Council framed a cross-Agency:

Nanotechnology Work gathering to build up a white paper analyzing potential natural applications and ramifications of nanotechnology. This record portrays the issues that EPA should consider to guarantee that society advantages from advances in ecological security that nanotechnology may offer, and to comprehend and address any potential dangers from ecological presentation to nano materials. Nanotechnology will have an effect crosswise over EPA. Office directors also staff are cooperating to add to a way to nanotechnology that is ground breaking and advises the danger evaluation and danger administration exercises in our system and local workplaces. This archive is proposed to help that cross-Agency exertion.

We might want to recognize and thank the Nanotechnology Work bunch subgroup cochairs what’s more individuals and for their work in adding to this report. We might particularly want to recognize the Work bunch co-seats Jim Willis and Jeff Morris for driving the work gathering and record advancement. We likewise express gratitude toward SPC staff assignment lead Kathryn Gallagher, and also Jim Alwood, Dennis Utterback, and Jeremiah Duncan for their endeavors in amassing and refining the archive.

It is with delight that we give the EPA Nanotechnology White Paper to advance the utilization of this new, energizing innovation in a way that secures human wellbeing and nature.


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