Architecture ideology from (1980 -1914)


The Modern Art

Architecture ideology has the most Interestingly role of inspiration in creative thinking for those who believe that spontaneous activity Subliminal, while there are those who believe that voluntary activity. In any case, scientists and artists develope in two cases; there are many who are characterized by spontaneous in their production, which gives them often in the form of sudden moments of inspiration, as there is some kind least not up to the production but will diligence and effort in Review

About the Modern Art :

was established in Belgium (Center of Arts) by Victor Horta (1861 – 1947) and the trail started with a lot of discussion about the form and the construction and then the Modern Art  got a Great Success in Europe.

Art of Architecture then developed in Belgium and France throughout discovering new possibilities of Cast iron; a perfect material for forming Organic curves. And a Mix of construction and decoration happened.

Public principles :

there was two public principles concerning Modern Art which was the search for a New type of Architecting and the second one was combining between decorating and construction. with a goal in Mind to get rid of the restrictions of old art and unsuitable condition in Century 19.

Ways of Design :

since we have talked about principles of the Modern Art  we then have to discuss the ways of Design we first have to mention the Use  of new materials with old one with the functional aspects and fine pasture; also caring about entrance of the building designing  and decoration.

Architectural composition language :

1- Form for buildings.

2- Non-Combining between decorating and Construction.

3- Decoration undulating surfaces that flow from one part to another of the building from the inside and abroad.

4- Unlimited Architectural configuration.

5- Improving the combining between decorating and construction.

6- Unity has thus far in the construction.

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