Announcing new partnership between IEREK and Università Kore di Enna


We’re pleased to announce that we have a New partner; Università degli Studi di Enna “Kore”.

Università Kore di Enna, is a University Established in 1995 in Enna, the capital city of the Province of Enna in the middle of Sicily. This University has exceptionally cutting edge Facilities; it likewise has a solid associations with governments and colleges of the Mediterranean Sea nations (Malta, Cyprus, and Tunisia) and with some of European and U.S. regions.

Through this partnership with Università Kore di Enna, we will be able to organize one of our international conference “Urban Planning and Architectural Design for Sustainable Development, (UPADSD). And have the academic support which will help increase the awareness of the participants and discover new fields and captivate with respectable teachers and discuss the extremely most recent exploration ventures they could be chipping away at.

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