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What is a concept? Why is it important to have a concept in your design? How to communicate your concept?


Definitions of Concept

Idea Image
theory View
notion Intention
Parti(French) Plan
Conception Fancy
Opinion Thought
Abstraction Impression
Philosophy Hypothesis
Belief Supposition


The design process works with information and ideas simultaneously on many levels designing is a reciprocal action and reflection.


Inductive Vs. deductive Reasoning:

Inductive reasoning or inductive logic, is a type of reasoning which involves moving from the specific to the general.

Deductive reasoning or inductive logic, is a type of reasoning which involves moving from the general to the specific.


Dimensions of Concepts

Any building concept should provide:

  • Exterior Expression
  • Interior Experience

Levels of Expression

The concept should be appeal to both:

  • The Normal Layman
  • The Professional Specialist


Concept summary

1- Symbolism

  • building types and symbolic associations
  • Create a listing of symbols for a project
  • Choose a number of symbols to inform the design
  • Simplicity has value
  • Multiple, additive, andior scalar concepts

2- Sources

  • Designer as source
  • Client as source
  • Site source: immediate and surrounding vicinity
  • Culture should not be overlooked
  • The building type and its attendant’s history
  • Do not forget the user
  • Collect and sift
  • Employ verbal and nonverbal study
  • Use language for organization
  • Use sketching for integration
  • Concepts are the ideas behind a project

3- Objective to subjective:

  • Concept assembly begins the trip into creativity
  • Concepts may organize space and form
  • Concepts may suggest material, vocabulary
  • Check conceptual to functional “fit”

4- Changes

  • Change is inevitable
  • Objective changes may effect concept structure
  • The importance of master principles
  • Design is a dynamic environment
  • Be prepared and remain flexible

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