studying abroad
Study Abroad

Undergraduate studies have been developed in a way where you could fully understand a certain subject or field of study.
In order to complete a(n) undergraduate’s (Bachelor’s) degree level it would take approximately 3 years or in some cases 4.
There are several types of degree studies: Bachelor of Arts (B.A), Bachelor of Science (B.S.c), Bachelor of Education (B.E.d), and Bachelor of engineering (B.E.n.g).

There are several varieties of certificates that you have the ability to obtain without having to invest full time as you do if you were pursuing a Master’s or Doctorate degree.
Postgraduate studies offer you expertise you may have already had or offers you qualifications you may have not had.
There are conversion courses that allow you to take courses related to the field you want to study post graduate.

Short-term courses abroad have many obvious benefits such as: being exposed to a different culture which helps the student learn a new language and broaden their horizons.
Short-term courses last approximately within the range of an academic year (9 months), which last three terms, 12 weeks each but could be longer.

Degree Equivalency

In order to earn a degree equivalency, we provide you with the ability to do so by taking a short-term course.
We offer you the chance to study abroad with the best options through your credentials. We aim to enhance the graduates’ efficiency in order to find their places in international markets.

Winter schools provide students with educational experiences that would not be available to them within their normal schooling. This may encompass subjects that are not conventionally offered in schools, or the experience of studying in an ancient university.It may also incorporate a wider variety of excursions and fields trips than would be possible in day-to-day education, so that some winter schools straddle the line between education and holiday.
Winter School participants will have 24/7 counsellor supervision.

IEREK Summer School

Programs provide you with both knowledge and recreation.
The programs are one-week or two-week long in which you learn about your area of interest and you learn a lot about the new culture through visiting the historical sites and the modern tourist attractions.
In addition to the academic areas, students will experience campus-life while residing in dormitories, eating at campus dining facilities, and enjoying evening social and recreational activities.
Summer School participants will have 24/7 counselor supervision.