Urban Transit and Sustainable Networks – 5th Edition
Urban Transit and Sustainable Networks – 5th Edition

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  • 04, Feb / 05, Feb 2025
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Transportation has always been a cornerstone of human advancement. Transit and logistical operations are necessary, particularly in the modern age of interconnectedness, for humans and civilizations to function optimally. From sailing the seas & soaring in the skies to the daily morning commute, transportation proves valuable to all of humanity, and a careful look into its smooth operation and sustainability over the years is necessary.

Urban transit systems aid people throughout their daily lives, and it is crucial to approach designing & planning them with a sustainable approach. Modern approaches that utilize Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and network simulation, aim to ease the commute of a city’s inhabitants, moving away from automobile reliance and prioritizing environmental safety and pollution reduction.

Cities that cater to automobiles suffer from a multitude of problems, the most impactful of which is air pollution, which releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, contributing to the rising threats of climate change, and putting the health of a city’s inhabitants at risk. Recent studies show that cities with poor air quality that contains a significant amount of harmful air particulates and exhaust fumes, result in a sharp decline in the health of their respective inhabitants. A slew of short-term & long-term effects arise such as skin irritation, nausea, heart diseases, respiratory diseases, nerve damage, and birth defects. Not to mention the automobile exclusivity of streets that, simply disincentivizes children from playing outside, or taking walks and interacting with nature.

In an effort to move away from these negative effects on people and the globe, sustainable transit networks aim to implement strategies & policies that promote healthy transportation in urban environments, that incentivize the use of electronic mobility, green fuels, and eco-friendly transportation methods like bicycling. A smart and inclusive design for roads and city-hubs stands to benefit cities’ inhabitants, by including affordable transportation methods, that prioritize their health and mental well-being, and ensure a safe future for us all.

Join us at IEREK’s 5th edition of “Urban Transit and Sustainable Networks (UTSN)”, where we plan for a greener, more efficient, and sustainable future for transit networks that puts the health of people first. Accepted papers will be published in IEREK’s Scopus indexed ASTI book series “Advances in Science, Technology & Innovation.”

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