Urban Planning & Architectural Design for Sustainable Development (UPADSD) – 8th Edition
Urban Planning & Architectural Design for Sustainable Development (UPADSD) – 8th Edition

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  • 09, Jul / 11, Jul 2024
  • University of Florence, Italy
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Minimizing the negative impact of buildings on the environment has been one of the main concerns of sustainable development that has surfaced over the past few decades. Sustainable architecture and planning are defined to ensure that our current use of available resources does not end up depleting the resources for the future.

As Numerous architectural and planning strategies have been developed over time to meet today's needs without endangering the needs of the future generations, such as, controlling urban sprawl, increase the dependency on renewable energy, Implementation of sustainable building materials, and many other aspects concerned with sustainable development.

Sustainable Architecture aims to increase the efficiency of energy usage over the entire life cycle of a building. Architects implement renewable energy resources as a mean to enhance their buildings and reduce the negative impacts on its surrounding environment, as one of the many sustainable approaches to improve the quality of life for the users.

Whether it is the designing of a building, planning a city or even reconstructing of an existent urban environment, having a sustainable outcome has become the main focus of today's urban planning. Seeing that, it results in an efficient and moderate use of materials, energy, development space, and the ecosystem as a whole.

Despite the importance of materials to overall building sustainability, quantifying and evaluating the sustainability of building materials has proven difficult which is why it is an important part of modern and sustainable development that emphasizes on resources optimization.

Conference Topics
  • 1. City Planning: Urbanization and Development

    1.1 Urbanization and Development new directions and issues

    1.2 Urban Spaces, Society and its Culture

    1.3 Urban Sprawl, Boundaries and Greenbelt

    1.4 Built Environment Impact and Approaches

    1.5 Sustainable and Natural Resources Management

    1.6 Planning Inspiration from Past and Innovation

  • 2. Past and Future City's Image and Preservation

    2.1 City’s Values, Image and Identity

    2.2 Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Tourism

    2.3 Biomimetic Approaches to Architectural Design for Increased Sustainability

    2.4 Social Feedback and User's-Oriented Development

    2.5 Waterfronts, Corridors and Buffers of the City

    2.6 Historic Preservation, Management and Rehabilitation

  • 3. Compact Cities Context at Low and High Densities

    3.1 Compact City Debate A Global Perspective

    3.2 Compact Cities in Developing Countries Assessment and Implications

    3.3 The Regional Dimensions of the Compact City Debate 

    3.4 The Need for Compact Development in Fast Growing Areas

    3.5 Compact Policies for Megacities Core Areas and Metropolitan Regions

    3.6 Challenges of a Rapid Urbanized Economy

  • 4. Evolving Architecture and Rethinking Cities

    4.1 Public Transportation Planning and Sustainable Networks

    4.2 Public Involvement in Sustainable Development

    4.3 Future Challenges for Contemporary Cities

    4.4 Infrastructure, Facilities and Systems New ICT Technologies and Sustainable Economy

    4.5 New Way Finding and Place Making of the City

    4.6 The Architecture of Cyberception

  • 5. Art and Defining the City

    5.1 Intersection of Public Art and City Planning

    5.2 Art Integration in Urban Morphology

    5.3 new perspectives for urban morphology

    5.4 Arts, Culture, Identity and Creative Place-Making

    5.5 Urban Culture Cities Share their Experiences

    5.6 A Look inside Art and Creative Spaces

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