Towards the Preservation of the Environment
Towards the Preservation of the Environment

IEREK Conference

  • 26, Feb / 28, Feb 2019
  • Cairo, Egypt
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With a changing climate resulting in more frequent and fatal consequences, there is an increased need for a light to be shed on the hazards brought on by humans and current life-styles. The impact of carbon emissions produced through new constructions in cities and urban areas, for one, pose as a main contributor to climate change. Therefore, the necessity of adopting green building initiatives in new buildings becomes crucial.

The first international conference on environmental preservation of developing countries, organized by IEREK, is considered an important step towards establishing an understanding of the systems negatively affecting the environment and reducing unnecessary amounts of resources used in hopes of minimizing the overall impact caused. The conference is to discuss the different methods of integrating sustainable resources and attainable energy-efficient solutions in structures to preserve our environment. . It inspires the use of simulation tools to facilitate attaining accurate results in studying energy consumption in buildings. 

This conference is a platform, or rather an opportunity, for involved parties to work in collaboration towards improving and enhancing the use and design process of green buildings in developing countries. Adopting and advocating discussed solutions is the main aim and path to making a positive impact.

Architects, planners, environmentalists, engineers, universities, decision makers, green building companies and individuals are invited to participate and contribute in this conference in order to pave the way to a more preserved and safe tomorrow.

Conference Topics
  1. 1. Climate Change And Challenges
  2. 2. Adaptation And Mitigation
  3. 3. Construction And Climate Change
  4. 4. Absorbing Climate Impacts
  5. 5. Net-zero As A Solution
  6. 6. Green Building And Sustainability
  7. 7. Environmentally Responsible Structures
  8. 8. Conservation Of Natural Resources
  9. 9. Environmental Impact Assessment
  10. 10. Environment Conservation For A Better World
  11. 11. Eco-friendly Building Materials
  12. 12. Cities And Their Environmental Footprint
  13. 13. Zero-waste Policies And Alternative Energy Sources
  14. 14. Closing The Energy Efficiency Gap
  15. 15. Parks, Refuges, And Wilderness: Natural, Rural, And Urban Settings
  16. 16. Managing Risk And Building Resilience
Benefits Of Attending

Attending conferences is very beneficial on the professional level Conferences are full of people promoting new ideas which will expand your knowledge and undoubtedly help your career.

You not only get to hear presentations but also converse with other researchers from different universities and even countries you may have only heard or read about.You learn from experts in the field. It is a great opportunity to find more about your field and listen to ideas that could help inspire research ideas of your own.

Not to mention, you will get an overview of the place or city where the conference is being held and learn about its people and culture.

Conferences also can expand your resources by providing a great opportunity to promote gathered information on new technologies related to your research. Moreover, they let you test them out, share teaching tools and techniques, or even obtain samples of textbooks.

It is an opportunity to engage with respectable professors and discuss with them the very latest research projects they could be working on.

Delegates will have the choice of receiving the conference proceedings as either a hard cover book or in digital format on a USB flash drive. The USB flash drive will additionally contain proceedings from previous conferences in this series.

Indexing and Archiving Papers presented at IEREK conferences regularly appear in notable reviews, publications, and databases, including referencing and abstract.
Plagiarism Policy

IEREK has an unyielding policy regarding plagiarism. We believe that copying/taking the ideas and work of other Authors without permission and credit is fraudulent. The Reviewing committee and IEREK employees have the authority to reject a paper during its reviewing process,  on the basis of the paper being subjected to either minor or major plagiarism. Duplicating any content, even if it is one sentence or one table without the consent of its original Author, will lead to the paper’s refusal upon the complaint of the plagiarism victim.

Refund Policy

Please note that we will endeavor to assist you in obtaining a visa if needed, by sending an invitation letter, but the responsibility is yours and the decision rests solely with the appropriate Embassy.

Delegates in any event who cancel their registration due to special circumstances for any reason will receive refunds according to the following plan and according to the number of days from the start of the event:

Cancellation Policy Up to 60 days before the event Up to 50 days before the event Up to 40 days before the event 39 days before the event
Penalty 20% 50% 70% 100%


A refund is not possible if

-An acceptance letter has been issued (Authors only)

-The proceedings of the event have been published (Authors only)

-All matters have been finalized (accommodation/travel expenses paid for)

Visa Rejection Cases

Reason and proof of rejection must be submitted. If the reason of rejection is due to an error on our part, the participant will be refunded their full fee with a deduction of a 20% administration fee.

Documents to be issued by IEREK to acquire a visa are as follows:

*Final Acceptance Letter (Authors only)

*Visa Invitation Letter

*Invoice/proof of payment

We encourage all authors and attendees to ensure their having acquired all documents (those applicable) mentioned.

If the reason of rejection is not related to any of the aforementioned and is an error on the participant’s part, the following will apply:

*Authors: may choose to let their co-author present his/her research on his/her behalf free of charge. If the author does not have a co-author, a member of the scientific committee shall present on the author’s behalf.

*Audience members/Registrants: will only be allowed to attend another similar event of their choosing that is organized by IEREK free of charge.