First Come, First Served

  • Cairo, Egypt
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This course is designed for participants such as engineers, planners, surveyors and those who wish to work in the field and utilizing surveying equipment for construction.


Upon successful completion of the course, the participants will demonstrate competency by being able to:

Define angular and linear measurement concept.

Practice the Teodolite measurement process and field usage.

Define Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) concepts.

Practice the Total Station measurement process and field usage.

Define leveling concepts.

Practice the Level measurement process and field usage.

Course Modules

Angular & Linear Measurement Concepts.

Theodolite Components & Measurement process.

EDM & Total Station Concept.

Total Station Measurement Process.

Leveling & Engineering Level.

Leveling Measurement Process.

Course Practical

Introduction To Teodolite.

Teodolite Usage.

Introduction To Total Station.

Total Station Usage.

Introduction To Leveling.

Leveling Usage.

Registrants L.E 1500