Marine Museum Architecture Design
Marine Museum Architecture Design

IEREK Workshop

  • 30, Aug / 30, Aug 2023
  • Suez, Egypt
Workshop Email
[email protected]

Preserving Marine Habitats & Aquatic Lifeforms

Competition: Design a Marine Museum that Showcases Sustainability in Coastal Areas and Marine Environments 

Planet Earth was famously dubbed the “Pale Blue Dot” by the beloved astronomer, and science communicator Carl Sagan. The term was derived from the fact that 71% of the planet is covered in water, comprising the majority of Earth’s topology. The lifeforms that inhabit Earth’s water bodies are magnificently diverse and have inhabited the planet long before land lifeforms even existed. Current irresponsible manufacturing processes however are endangering much of the marine life forms that inhabit the planet’s oceans, seas, and rivers. Marine and aquatic museums aim to partake in solving this issue by ensuring optimal living conditions for marine animals, while engaging the public in experiencing marine life firsthand, cultivating a global appreciation for aquatic conservation efforts.

As a part of the “Advances in Energy Research, Material, Science & Built Environment” conference, Al Galala University and IEREK present a Marine Museum competition, where architects and designers can submit their works in creating a Marine Museum that utilizes modern sustainable practices in architecture and development.

Competitors are encouraged to design a Marine Museum that showcases aquatic lifeforms and their brilliance while utilizing sustainable development techniques in construction.

The museum can showcase marine transportation and technology as well, including ships, navigation technologies, and deep-sea diving methods.

The competition will take place at Al-Galala University, which is near the coast of the Red Sea, home to a multitude of marine lifeforms, and seafarers.

Competitors must showcase a comprehensive design strategy for the marine museum, using practical examples and spaces near the Red Sea. Competitors will put forth their designs before an experienced jury, that will judge the design based on sustainability, practicality, space, and cost of construction.

Submission Format

The design should fit on one landscape oriented AO size panel. The panel should include all sketches, plans, sections, elevations, and diagrams relevant to the design that sufficiently describe the submitted design.

The competition is open to all, no academic qualifications are required, competitors can submit individually, or as a team ( 4 members maximum).

Additional Requirements & Regulations:

  • No video files allowed.
  • No presentations or descriptive text allowed outside of the panel format.
  • All submissions are to be sent by email to: [email protected]
  • Questions and Inquiries are to be communicated by email at: [email protected]

Deliverables Set

The list below aims to guide competitors towards delivering a comprehensive submission that meets the jury's expectations. However, competitors can choose to follow the entire list, a selection from it, or none at all and propose their own set of criteria that allows for a thorough display of their respective design.

  • Floor Plans
  • Sections
  • Elevations
  • Axonometric view
  • Power delivery systems and Accessibility
  • Site Plan
  • Key materials and their descriptions
  • Interior design spaces and locations
  • Infrastructural plans and diagrams
Monetary Awards

Total Prize Pool: EGP 18,000

1st Place: EGP 10,000

2nd Place: EGP 5,000

3rd Place: EGP 3,000

Competition Fees
Student Registration: 50$
Architects/ Enthusiasts/ Companies: 100$
Late registration: 150$
Submission Deadlines Dates
Title Date
Registration deadline 06 Apr 2023
Late Registration deadline 25 Apr 2023
Project submissions deadline 04 Jul 2023
Evaluation deadline (specific to jury members) 15 Aug 2023
Winner Announcements 30 Aug 2023
Conference Launch (Poster Presentations) 03 Oct 2023

IEREK, AI-Galala University, The Engineers' Syndicate, and the Society of Egyptian Architects will acknowledge and accredit winners of the competition be issuing an international Certificate of Achievement that is recognizable by worldwide academia.

International Judging

Prof. Fabio Pollice

Rector of the University of Salento, Lecce, Italy

Prof. Francesco Alberti

Associate professor of Urban planning and design at University of Florence, DIDA

Prof. Maged Zagow

Assistant Professor of Architecture & Urban Design, Galala University

Prof. Yasser Mahgoub

Program Director, Faculty of Architecture, Galala University.

Prof. Hesham Saoudy

Professor in Architecture and Head of Engineers' Syndicate in Alexandria urban planning

Prof. Nabil Mohareb

Associate professor, Department of Architecture, School of Sciences and Engineering (SSE), the American University in Cairo (AUC)

Arch. Saif Abou Elnaga

President of SEA, the Society of Egyptian Architects