Cultural Sustainable Tourism (CST) – 5th Edition
Cultural Sustainable Tourism (CST) – 5th Edition

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  • 19, Sep / 21, Sep 2023
  • Gozo, Malta
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Experiencing the stories, culture, and heritage of the past and present is the spirit of cultural tourism, creating and providing a sustainable environment for both the locals and the visitors is what sustainable tourism attempts to achieve. Travelers who aim to recreate cultural experiences, spend more time and money at their destinations than other travelers. This form of tourism is also becoming generally more popular throughout the world. 

One of the principal objectives of cultural tourism is collaboration and interaction of the locals with the stakeholders to develop a complete experience. Tourism provides jobs, and opportunities, and strengthens local economies. It calls for the protection of natural and cultural resources, which improve the quality of life for residents and travelers. Studies show that travelers show more aptitude to visit places with a strong communal and cultural identity.

However, this influx of visitors and the infrastructure needed to support this growth and exposure can cause a major strain on the resources that attract the visitors in the first place. It is imperative to protect the cultural and heritage resources while maintaining and increasing their exposure to the public.

Combining both aspects of tourism and balancing between cultural tourism and sustainable tourism is why IEREK is organizing the international conference on Cultural Sustainable Tourism (CST) – 5th Edition to highlight the role of architects, planners, and stakeholders in how to achieve sustainable cultural tourism.

The CST aims to find the balance between society, environment, and tourism in order to raise the awareness of governmental and non-governmental organizations and local communities about the importance of cultural tourism and how to decrease the negative impacts on reaching a sustainable environment.

Conference Topics
  • 1. Aspects of a Sustainable Tourism

    1.1 Demand for Sustainable Travel and Mobility

    1.2 Governmental Role in Maintaining and improving destinations capacity

    1.3 Community interaction for Sustainable Tourism

    1.4 Development Strategies for Sustainable Tourism

    1.5 Integrated Relational Tourism (IRT) as a Tool of Development

  • 2. Policies and Mechanisms for Heritage Preservation

    2.1 Heritage Preservation and Green Economy Integration

    2.2 Cultural Heritage Diversity and Green Tourism

    2.3 Globalization and Heritage Management

    2.4 Allocating Cultural Heritage and Environmental Resources, Wealth Conservation and Management

    2.5 Heritage Preservation and Integration in Modern planning

  • 3. User Interaction Based Development

    3.1 User Centered Design and Management for Cultural Heritage

    3.2 Heritage Social Role in Sustainable Development

    3.3 How Demographic Shifts Affect the Cultural Identity

    3.4 Social Development in Public and Cultural Spaces

    3.5 Cultural Traditions evolution through the year

  • 4. Social and Economic impacts

    4.1 Conservation of Cultural Heritage and Traditional Values

    4.2 A Responsible Touristic Approach: Stakeholders and user interaction

    4.3 Consumerism and Tourism

    4.4 Tourism Sustainability and Economic Efficiency

    4.5 Economic Sustainability, Concepts & Impacts

  • 5. Future Prospects and Trends of Tourism

    5.1 Digital Technology and E Tourism

    5.2 Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas 

    5.3 The Effect of Transportation on Tourism development

    5.4 Health and Safety Development for Tourism

    5.5 Millennials Perception of Destination

  • 6. Sustainable Environment: Geography and Tourism

    6.1 Ecotourism: Principles and Regulations

    6.2 Natural Resources Management

    6.3 Environmental Hazards:  Industrialization, Urbanization and Agricultural

    6.4 Heritage in Socio Economic Sustainable Development

    6.5 Geocultural: Effect of Diversity of Places and Culture on Tourism

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Late Payment Deadline 20 Aug 2023
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Conference Venue

Gozo, Malta