Conservation of Architectural Heritage (CAH) – 9th Edition
Conservation of Architectural Heritage (CAH) – 9th Edition

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  • 10, Feb / 12, Feb 2025
  • Aswan, Egypt
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The 9th Conference on "Conservation of Architectural Heritage"(CAH), follows the success of previous conferences to discuss the art and science of designing and building large structures that contains the identity and the heritage of the city.

There is a wealth of architectural heritage worldwide, from historic city centers and cultural landscapes to some of the largest archaeological sites in the world. The 5th Edition "Conservation of Architectural Heritage"(CAH) follows the success of the previous editions. Architecture is the art and science of designing and building large structures. It contains the identity and the heritage of the city. Due to the importance of preserving the identity, conservation is the process of, restoring, preserving and managing the heritage, cultural, and historical site in a manner that sustains it and enhances its integration with the surrounding development.

The CAH anticipated aim is to preserve and pass down the past for the future generations through increasing the awareness and the value of the conservation of our past and not just facing the posed challenges temporarily. The conservation and the protection of the heritage is not just the physical act of preserving and restoring our heritage, but also passing on the importance of heritage to the individuals, communities, and the cities of the world.

This conference will discuss many disciplines, such as; cultural and physical heritage, historical monuments, architecture of the past, conservation, reuse of historical buildings, and heritage management. The conference gathers many experts in the field to be able to work together on the many existing layers of conserving the architecture and the heritage of the city. Their participation and knowledge exchange will help provide more approachable solutions and ideas about the conservation and the techniques for preservation.

The conference sessions, talks, and activities will take place on board of a Nile cruiser which will sail from Luxor to Aswan. During the trip, site visits to the temples and monuments of Ancient Egypt will be arranged in order for the Audience to have a more vivid experience of the conference and what it stands for.

Selected papers of the conference will be published in a book series under the title of Advances in Science, Technology, & Innovation (ASTI) by Springer. Others will be published in the Resourceedings journal by IEREK Press.

Conference Topics
  • 1. Identification of Architectural Heritage Conservation

    1.1 History of Architectural Conservation
    1.2 Utopian and Sacred Architecture 
    1.3 Nomad's Architecture and Desert Communities
    1.4 Governance, Partnerships, and Communities of Practice 
    1.5 Awareness of Heritage Rehabilitation Projects

  • 2. Importance of Architectural Heritage Conservation

    2.1 Understanding the Significance of Cultural Heritage Conservation
    2.2 Ways to Conserve the Architectural Heritage
    2.3 Conserving the City's Tradition and Identity through the Protection of the Architectural Heritage 
    2.4 Effects of Architectural Heritage Conservation on Tourism Development and Urban Preservation
    2.5 Socio-economics Impact and Environmental Benefits of Heritage Conservation

  • 3. Architectural Heritage Conservation Techniques

    3.1 Protecting Architecture Ethnic Groups
    3.2 Conservation of Cultural Memories through Interior Designs 
    3.3 Principles of Conservation of Archaeological Sites 
    3.4 Conservation and Development of Heritage Landscape Planning 
    3.5 Ecosystem Management and Conservation Strategies

  • 4. Management and Conservation of Architectural Heritage

    4.1 Impact of Conservation of Architectural Heritage on the Environmental Protection
    4.2 Materials Used in the Protection of the Heritage Sites 
    4.3 Challenges of Conserving the Architectural Heritage
    4.4 Passing down Cultural Heritage and Identities to the Future Generations
    4.5 Best Practices in Assessment, Designating, and Managing World Heritage

  • 5. Advancing technologies and innovation to conserve the architectural heritage

    5.1 Mapping archeological sites using Geographic information System (GIS) 
    5.2 using remote sensing to monitoring the changes in Heritage sites.
    5-3 Using ultra-sounds and other rays in her age building treatments and the through the processing of rehabilitation
    5.4 new materials and methods of cracks treatments
    5.5 international case studies used technologies in conserving heritage buildings and sites

Important Dates
Title Date
Abstract Submissions Deadline 13 Aug 2024
Last Notification for Abstract Acceptance 12 Sep 2024
Full Paper Submission Deadline 11 Nov 2024
Last Notification for Full-Paper Acceptance 11 Dec 2024
Early Payment Deadline 11 Nov 2024
Regular Payment Deadline 11 Dec 2024
Late Payment Deadline 10 Jan 2025
Letter of Visa (for delegates who need visa entry) 11 Dec 2024
Letter of Final Acceptance 11 Dec 2024
Conference Program 10 Jan 2025
Conference Launch 09 Feb 2025
Conference Venue

Aswan City, Aswan Governorate, Egypt