Mohsen Abu Bakr Bayyad

Mohsen is the Founder of Consultant Office of Planning and Architecture (APCO) in Cairo, Alexandria and Hurghada as of 1/1/1980. Moreover, He is a member of the Committee of arbitrators in Cairo, Alexandria, England and Dubai.

Society service & Environment development:

  • He was commissioned to work as engineering consultant of Fayyum’s governor (2003 – 2006) free of charge, And he executed several tourist projects as approach to urban  development and providing technical, architectural and Planning advises.
  • Founding the cooperative society for agriculture, organic products in Fayyum governorate for spreading awareness of the importance of Organic agriculture to export and the health of the Egyptian citizen.
  • Preparing drawings for a number of squares of Montaza district (in Alexandria)  within  the framework of the plan set for ‘Beautifying The  districts of Alexandria’.
  • Participation in the symposium which enhances to spread awareness of  the importance of environment and  how to conserve it.
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