Miquel Lacasta

Miquel earned a Ph.D. with honors at ESARQ (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya UIC) and he was also awarded with the Ph.D. special award (UIC 2012). Since 2012 he is the founder and editor of Axonometrica, blog about urban theory. He was formerly a team leader architect at Manuel Brullet’s office from 1989 since 1995.

He was Co-director of the workshop “Territorio Virtual, Límite Urbano” at ITSEM Guadalajara, Mexico in 2000 and also Co-director of the workshop “Ravalizar Barcelona” at ITSEM Guadalajara, Mexico, and CCNY, New York, USA in 2002, 2003 and 2004.

He won the A+ prize in 2010 for Sunion School at the Best Educational Building, The International Architecture Award 2008 at The Chicago Athenaeum for Colin’s House, and the first prize at Corian Prize in 2006. His work has been exhibited in Barcelona, Madrid, Florence, Cannes and at Le Pavillon de l’Arsenal in Paris.

Several publications have been recognized his work as Quaderns, ON, Arquitectura Plus, Architecture d’Ajourd’hui,  Piso, Arquitectura y Diseño, El País, ABC, La Vanguardia, Clarín, Sole 24 Ore, and others.

He recently did lectures at ITSEM Guadalajara, Mexico, Facolta di Architettura di l’Alghero, Italy, msa Münster School of Architecture, Münster Germany, the IBM Think Tank at Paris, France, WAF, World Architecture Festival, at Barcelona, Spain, School of Architecture at ETSAGR, Granada, Spain, Universidad de Celaya, Mexico, CCAU at Guadalajara, Mexico, The International School of Projects, Moscow, Rusia and several universities and organizations in Spain.

Member of Ph.D Jury’s and reviwer at several universities as ESTAB from Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, Texas AM, Clemson University, City College of NY, and others.

He was awarded for the ZAC RN5 at Vitry-sur-Seine competition, an Eco-district of 255 social and private dwellings and student residence competition at Ivry, and 32 assisted apartments for elderly people at Olesa de Montserrat. More recently he has won the first prize for the Saint Roch TGV Parking at Montpellier.

He is interested in projects and research focused on the paradigm of complexity that architecture and urbanism are based on.