Professor of Exercise Physiology & Nutrition


College of Arts & Sciences, School of Public Health & Medicine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Education Background

  • B.A. Health & Kinesiology, Berea College, Kentucky
  • M.A. Exercise Physiology, Kent State University, Ohio
  • Ph.D. Exercise Physiology, Kent State University, Ohio
  • D.Sc. Sports Science Physiology, National Academy Physical Culture, Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Graduate Certificate Public Health, University of North Carolina, North Carolina
  • Post-doctoral training; Department of Defense and National Aeronautic & Space Administration

Research Experience and Interests

  • Over 200 published peer reviewed research papers and book chapters
  • Over 150 national and international scientific conference presentations
  • Current and previous research projects funded by the National Institutes of Health, Department Defense, USAID, and the National Academy of Sciences
  • Research focus is on the human endocrine system and the development of dysfunctions within the system from exposure to physiological stressors.
  • Select publications listed
  • Summary of major research focus
  • ResearchGate Listing

Honors and Awards

  • Excellence in Teaching Award (departmental 1998/2000)
  • Fulbright Scholar of Medical Science – Lithuania (1997/98)
  • Senior Fulbright Scholar of Public Health Nutrition – Poland (2003/04)
  • Fellow American College of Sports Medicine (1989)
  • Fellow American Academy of Kinesiology (2010)

University Professional Service

  • Assistant Departmental Chairman (Exercise & Sports Science)
  • Visiting Professorships (Uruguay, Kosovo, Norway, New Zealand, Germany, Estonia)
  • Editorial Board member for five exercise science, sports medicine, physiology journals
  • Board of Directors, Center for the Study of Retired Athletes, UNC-CH