Land use it or lose it

Land use refers to the manner of utilization of land, it generates the maximum profit without negative consequences, especially on the environment. Here are some good tips in land use planning: 1_plan for industrial land, by determines the location, design, infrastructure, regulations, and the safeguard that will separate them from residential and other activity zones.aaa

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PopUp House, a Low-Cost, Easily-Built and Sustainable House Concept

If you ever dreamed about living in a house just as easy to build as Lego structures, you can now make your dream true with the new concept house “PopUp House”. An architecture firm from France revealed their concept of the “PopUp House”, as they have named it, which is a stackable-blocks-made house that’s totallyaaa

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The Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli report on “ISCDC”

The Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli has written a report on the international conference on “Improving Sustainability Concept in Developing Countries”, written by the chairman of the conference himself, Professor Claudio Gambardella, where it was his first time to join IEREK and to chair in an event, find the report written on the followingaaa

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Smart Materials: What are they?

As a worldwide system, Materia recognizes patterns and current needs in building design and configuration. In these fields, there is a developing requirement for information about smart materials. Effectively, savvy surroundings are turning into a vital piece of our lives. This is just situated to increment later on, as information accumulation and mechanization through differentaaa

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Sustainability Concept, Through academia, LEED and Business

During the last few years, sustainability has come to interest of many businesses, including media and pop culture. Sustainability, though, is a hazy definition to many people, but generally it means the need to conserve our resources, but many people have no idea what it is to be exact. While some businesses and firms hasaaa

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