About Us

IEREK – International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange – is an international institution that is concerned with the exchange of knowledge and enhancing research through organizing and managing conferences in all fields of knowledge.

Moreover, IEREK offers workshops and conferences in various disciplines for all professionals. These professional events are unique in the practical way they are delivered and in the certified professionals who teach them.

Our institution continues its activities through organizing and activating scientific programs to spread science and to develop skills on all local and international levels through its headquarters in Egypt and through our partners throughout the world.
We also process the work for on-line publishing throughout our international journal and IEREK Electronic Library.

IEREK activities are not only confined to these majors but also include cultural, social, and recreational aspects that would be available in all the events IEREK sponsors, standing by its belief that we all live in one world.
IEREK has created its own set of terms & conditions in which an individual
must read and agree to abide by in order to use our services. Thus, use of
this website constitutes having read and accepted that set of rules.

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Our Vision

IEREK seeks to become professional at widely spreading science and exchanging knowledge and culture among nations; to transform communities and encourage a new era of sustainable development, growth, and productivity.

In order make those dreams a reality, the institution is keen on achieving success through collaborations with universities, corporations, and scientific organizations all around the world.

Our Mission

IEREK is working towards delivering knowledge in wide-range and diversified fields to students, professionals, and researchers everywhere. It seeks to foster cultural exchange as way to develop societies and keep up with the world’s progress.

IEREK’s objectives could be achieved by its current activities such as:
  - Conferences.
  - Workshops.
  - Educational Services.
  - Journal.
In other words, IEREK offers theoretical knowledge and practical applications in all fields as a way of producing it into reality. It aims to transform the existent and continuously evolving knowledge into real life applications.


IEREK is proud to have a highly qualified, young, and ambitious team creating a solid base allowing it to build on its success. Having partnered as well with the most reputable and dedicated academics to supervise and revise the participants’ work, its base could only strengthened and success heightened.

Our Branches

IEREK’s main headquarters is located in Alexandria, Egypt. Additionally, it has a second branch in Egypt located in Cairo. To reach the utmost efficiency in cultural exchange and the spreading of knowledge on an international scale, two more branches were opened in Roma, Italy and London, UK.