IEREK Press is a multidisciplinary publisher that aims to cultivate and disseminate research.

It takes pride in being an influencing part of the academic research community that seeks to enlighten the minds of its readers. We are an international establishment that publishes academic journals in all aspects of Science, Engineering, and technology. Our duty is to encourage scholars, students, and educational institutions to join us in this journey of knowledge enrichment. Our dedicated team is committed to create a fertile environment capable of enabling and encouraging our researchers to achieve their fullest potential.



This publishing site is a commitment to inspire lifelong learning and contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

IEREK press, has a passion for strengthening the distribution of knowledge through making research readily available online for distinguished scholars.

The objective of this publishing site is to use the achievements of science in Architecture and Environmental Development to be able to come up with or improve the standard set of solutions that we use on a daily basis in our work. It also aims to take an initiative in the Middle East through creating a journal and organizing conferences to spread the importance of the role that science and research plays in our society.


It is nothing less than acknowledging the potential of people in the academic world and using that potential to spread knowledge. We were taught to believe that knowledge is power and here, IEREK press aims to prove that it is much more than that; it is the most important step towards a well-rounded community. 

International Journal of Environmental Science & Sustainable Development.

1Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Development (ESSD) is a multidisciplinary journal that is devoted to propagating peer-reviewed, original, high-quality academic research papers. ESSD is designed for the publication of selected papers from IEREK conferences proceedings and individual academic articles that fall within our scope. ESSD's scope is intended for professionals and academic researchers in all fields of Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Development, with significant advances and discoveries in all aspects, which can be used in real life and simulated applications for sustainable buildings, and cities, development, detection and measurement of environmental contaminants, and the assessment and validation of the impact of development that emerges instrumental techniques. ESSD welcomes practical application to an aspect of human endeavors, such as the preservation of the environment, health, waste disposal and seeks to offer solutions for environmental issues such as Renewable & Non-Renewable Resources, Climate Change, and Social& Economic Issues.


Benefits of publishing in ESSD:

  • Enhancing your visibility, credibility, and continued integration
  • Unearth your work to an audience that is relevant and tailored just for you
  • Experts in the field who are part of the editorial team will handle your work
  • Receiving continuous feedback that will benefit you in the long run
  • Presenting your work in Open Access
  • Being part of and contributing to a whole research academic community

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The Academic Research Community publication

1 ARChive is a journal published on behalf of researchers that perpetually make an effort to contribute to their fields. It serves to cultivate, propagate, and essentially archive academic research that has been authored and submitted for an academic conference.

Academic conferences are a major source of cutting edge research, it is for that reason that IEREK, ARChive's mother company, has made it its duty to publish proceedings given their importance as topical status reports that provide the world easy access to information that may not ever appear in traditional journals.

ARChive takes pride in being a major source of readily available research that cultivates the efforts and skills of esteemed participants in International conferences. This is an opportunity to educate and be enlightened by all the different participants that do not stop at anything to make a difference in the world by their contributions to their fields.

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Resourceedingsis a publication withholding peer-reviewed conference proceedings.

Introducing Resourceedings:

Resourceedings is a journal that withholds a number of quality conference proceedings in the overarching field of Engineering and its derivatives in collaboration with none other than the esteemed journal. IEREK offer the respected authors, and later publishers, the opportunity to publish with massive coverage. This journal's aim is to reach the academic community and facilitate easy access to valuable information and with our fruitful collaboration, Resourceedings makes this goal attainable.




Services we offer through this journal:

  • Your paper will be reviewed by a highly competent and reputable committee consisting of a large number of respected reviewers and editors.
  • This journal is exclusively tailored to publish your papers in the field amongst other highly qualified and plausible material
  • Prompt the process from submitting to publishing.
  • Your conference proceedings will receive maximum exposure by being published in a journal that is dedicated to impact the academic society.
  • Free access to all users
  • Authors keep full copyright over their papers
  • Technical services: offering you a series of steps to help you write a highly competent research paper.

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Advances in Science, Technology & Innovation


IEREK Interdisciplinary Series for Sustainable Development

Advances in Science, Technology & Innovation is a series of peer-reviewed books based on the best studies on new emerging researches that cross existing disciplinary boundaries in science, technology and innovation (STI), which will be selected from various international conferences and events organized by the “International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange– IEREK” in the Euro-Mediterranean zone and worldwide. This IEREK series for interdisciplinary STI Studies seeks to contribute to create/develop solutions for a sustainable future and for positive societal transformation through innovative approaches in science and technology. Interdisciplinary in coverage, the series will present several new and emerging innovation approaches and highlight how they may contribute to economic development and sustainable development for societal welfare.

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“BAHETH” in Architecture, Engineering and Technology, is a group of Peer-Reviewed Journals, which is a product of collaboration between “IEREK” and “BAHETH”, and publishes original academic researches in the fields of Architecture, Engineering and Technology, the Journals welcome researches in Arabic Language with an English Abstract.

They aim to present how, theoretically and practically, engineering and architectural technologies can adapt to the fast industrialization and urbanization seen in many places worldwide.

In addition, how Inventive designs and development practices are challenging to the planners and designers in order to meet the continually developing requests of society.Add to that, they also aim to reach with the researches to the academic community in the Arabic and Middle Eastern world

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New Journals in collaboration with Springer


Higher education institutions are now welcome to send in proposals to create academic journals under the world-renowned publisher: Springer.

 In the midst of global turmoil, Egypt lags behind other industrialized countries in education. IEREK Press is therefore pleased to announce its new contribution to the academic community in Egypt and all over the world through allowing universities to create their own academic journals under the world-renowned publisher, Springer.

Higher education institutions have responsibilities far beyond just educating students, they have a responsibility to create an environment that allows their pupils to excel in research-based projects and therefore provide original and valuable information that could someday improve our quality of life.

IEREK Press is a committed to inspire lifelong learning and contribute to the advancement of knowledge. IEREK Press has a passion for strengthening the distribution of knowledge through making research readily available online for distinguished scholars.

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