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The Arab World and fuel consumption in the years to come

The Arab world has many advantages and characteristics (it stores thirds of the world of global energy sources, and is suffering from growing in the low population growth in the current water level and the possibility of unsuitable environmental climate change).Statistical studies show that global oil consumption will continue its ...

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Cultural Heritage Tourism

heritage tourism

Many tourists are interested in cultural heritage, it’s doubtless to say that interest in cultural heritage tourism is growing fast, they also travel to experience other cultures and learn about the past and history of archaeological sites.Tourism brings people from all around the world for seeing the natural landscapes, water ...

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How to avoid weak sources in your research?


Written by: Allaa Muhammed Research needs to differ from one to another and from a paper to the other. There is no set of rules you have to follow to write a creative research, though you have to find credible resources to your paper to be eligible. So, you have ...

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5 most disastrous energy industry accidents

most disastrous

A few years ago in Fukushima nuclear complex, a triple meltdown occurred, and it had a disastrous effect. But is it the worst energy disaster that ever happened in the modern age? Or did any other disaster precede it on the list? Well, for one we can say that Chernobyl ...

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Future plans for Clean Energy


160 countries, during the last two years, have announced to the public that they are planning to largely convert to clean energy between the years 2020 and 2030. This announcement is the largest commitment to be done to date, not only in major countries but also in small and less ...

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5 Reasons of why you should have solar panels on your roof!

Written by: Allaa Muhammed Want to save money and save environment at the same time? Here comes solar energy with many solutions. It is not only sustainable but also renewable energy. As 1 gigawatt of solar power creates enough electricity to power more than 250,000 homes. It has many advantages ...

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7 World’s Strangest Cars you have ever seen!!

Written by: Allaa Muhammed As transportation becomes a critical issue in our life. There are more designs appear every day to make mobility easy for people. You will see in this blog strangest cars. Colim It is a multi-functional car. Designed by Christian Susana. It is a great mix of ...

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Top 5 Types of Alternative and Renewable Energy

Use Renewable and Alternative Energy-Save The Earth

Use Renewable Energy-Save The Earth Renewable Energy, Alternative Energy or Pure Energy and even Unlimited Energy are different expressions for only one mean and meaning which is “saving the earth “. In order to understand the danger facing the Earth and how to overcome this danger, we need to take ...

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Why Choose Sustainable Transportation?

Sustainable Transport

Transportation is one of the fundamental components in our daily life. We consume most of our resources and harm our environment to achieve successful mobility of goods, people, etc. As moving from point A to point B requires energy. But with green transportation, or sustainable transportation we will be able ...

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