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Where Energy Comes From !

Renewable energy.  Is never-ending and, as its name implies, it renews itself once it nears completion. One of the most important benefits of renewable energy is that it does not cause harm to the environment or human life. This is due to the absence of residues that are harmful to ...

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Water is the source of life !

Water is the origin of the planet. It represents a large proportion of the composition of the planet. It covers about 71% of the Earth’s surface. The seas and oceans represent 96.5% of the Earth’s surface area. The remainder is accumulated in the form of groundwater and ice in the ...

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Studying abroad is not just studying!

Study abroad is a university that allows a student to study at a foreign university and live in a foreign country. So that these students can identify a foreign culture and expand their horizons and develop their abilities.   Who can study abroad? Studying abroad does not just mean it’s ...

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Sustainable Sydney 2030 (City of The Future)

(Newington) Sydney, Australia. Sustainable urban planning is one of the most important research topics for all architectural specialists, but have you ever wondered what is the meaning of it? Actually, the most accurate way to talk about it correctly is to talk about real example like (Newington, Sydney) History of ...

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