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Transportation Planning and Traffic Modelling Conference, 2016 – Tunisia

The Transportation Planning and Traffic Modelling Conference will be held by IEREK, in Tunisia from the 5th to the 7th of October, 2016. The conference will shed light on how the smart city approach impacts road infrastructure, traffic, highways and transport departments. It will look at the practical challenges of delivery, appropriate technologies and the issues related to working together with multiple stakeholders towards a smart city. It also will focus on the issues and challenges related to the economy and financial constraints. Participants will discuss and address the emerging transportation needs of businesses and economic development.

IEREK is working on establishing a partnership with The National agency for the Promotion of the scientific research, The Institute of higher learning of the Industrial Management of Sfax, The higher School of the Trade of Tunis, ALTRADEV Sustainability (scientific Association) and Polytech Sousse.

IEREK is negotiating with several political patronizes including the ministry of High Education and the scientific research, the ministry of transport and the ministry for equipment, Housing and Land use.

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