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  • Alexandria,Egypt
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The traditional surveying techniques are generally tedious and time consuming. To overcome this, modern electronic equipment’s are used now days.

Modern electronic equipment’s like Total Station give the results directly, accurately and quickly which save a lot of time and labor.

This course will give proficiency in new concepts, methodologies and their theoretical and practical applications, aspects so that they can do applied to the real life.

Course outline

This course is designed to give engineers, engineers graduates and personnel in the construction industry a good grounding in how to use modern total stations and is aimed at new recruits or staff who have little or no experience of using modern total stations. The course covers:

– The bearings and coordinates calculations, resection, intersection and detail surveying,

– Best practice in the use of total stations.

– Survey of a piece of land by total station.

– How to translate the data from total station to computer.

– Introduction to AutoCAD program.

– And how to production a surveying map.

Samy Ayyad
Workshop Fees
Fees For All L.E 800
Course Duration 35 Hrs