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  • Cairo, Egypt
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This workshop focuses on the visions that constitutes a combined strategy aimed at improving the overall public spaces quality by including social, functional, and ecological aspects as well as traffic concerns and architectural considerations ,while taking into consideration the goals, priorities and extent of measures taken which varies from city to city, and from space to space.

The theoretical and the applied part of the workshop are devoted to investigate methods of analysis and measuring the quality of public spaces and their users’ needs in order to assign the appropriate strategy of development. The workshop also defines an applicable indices of analysis to measure the effectiveness of the selected strategy using key performance indicators (KPI) and other methods.

The application section: Analysing specific case study using space syntax techniques; QGIS; and discuss other application usage


4th of December, 2015, DAY 1:

  • 1. Introduction for Public Spaces Strategies.
  • 2. The Value of Public Space. (lecture)
  • 3. Public Space Strategy. (lecture)
  • 4. Benefits of public space planning and management (lecture)
  • 5. Role of public space in localism and economic growth. (Lecture)
  • 6. Planning and Public Space. (lecture)
  • 7. Transform public space for Communities area. (Lecture)
  • 6th of December, 2015, DAY 2:

  • 1. Process of implementation. (Lecture)
  • 2. Implementation of the Strategy. (Lecture)
  • 3. Formation of small groups and definition of research interest.
  • 4. Site visits.
  • 5. Group project development.
  • 6. Final project presentation.
  • 7. Ideas sharing on possible developments and implementations.
Intended learning outcomes:

– The participants should be able to measure the quality of public spaces

– The participants will be able to set strategy for development and being able to measure its effectiveness through selected KPI indicators.

Who can benefit from this workshop: architects and urban designers.


Nabil Mohareb

Dr. Nabil Mohareb
(Associate Professor and Head of Faculty branch, Faculty of Architectural Engineering at Beirut Arab University, Lebanon.) 
Urban designer and spatial configuration analyst

Nabil Mohareb an urban designer and spatial configuration analyst, who gained his Ph.D. in (decoding the Genotype of Historical sites in Fatimid Cairo) from the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University 2008 and his second Ph.D. from School of Architecture, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK.

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Lebnan, Mit Akaba, Al Agouzah, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Workshop Fees for Egyptians L.E 900
Workshop Fees for Non-Egyptians $ 250