First Come, First Served

  • Cairo, Egypt
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This course is designed for participants such as architects, engineers, planners, environmental workers and those who might wish to go on and start their GIS professional career and or acquire the basic essentials tools for analytical decision making supported by GIS spatial analysis techniques.


Upon successful completion of the course, the participants will demonstrate competency by being able to:

Define GIS within the Geomatics context.

Identify the major components of a Typical GIS.

Utilize different data models & format within GIS.

Recognize the process of project analysis within GIS.

Understand the GIS Functionalities & Application Spectrum.

Build the requires essential skills to deal with GIS software (ArcGIS).

Course Modules

GIS Definitions And Components.

Data Models.

Database Tables.

Layers Concept & Georeferencing.

GIS Analysis Functionality.

Course Practical

Arcgis Software.

Software Components.

Software Functions.

Layers Display & Georeferencing.

Basic ArcGIS Analysis Functions.

Registrants L.E 1250