• 03 December / 04 December 2018
  • Cairo, Egypt
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Nowadays, engineering technology has to cope with the rapid industrialization and urbanization seen in most countries. Creative design and construction practices are challenging tasks to the architects and engineers to meet the ever growing demands of society.

Representing the first international conference on Architectural and Engineering Technology in the form of presentation of new developments and research results in these fields.

The International Conference on Architecture, Engineering and Technologies aims to invite scientists, scholars, engineers and students from the universities and the research institutes from all over the world to present research activities and research findings, and thus to foster research relations. We hope that the outcome AET 2018 will yield significant contribution to the knowledge in the emerging areas of Architecture, Design, Engineering and Technology.

This conference provides excellent chances for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish research or business relations and to find global partners for future collaboration. It also serves to boost communication among researchers and practitioners working in a wide variety of scientific areas with a common interest in improving Material, Architecture, and Engineering Technology- related strategies.

Conference Topics
  1. Architectural Design and Urban Planning.
  2. Sustainable Development & Urban Regeneration.
  3. Building energy efficiency & technology
  4. Infrastructure design for regions in rapid development.
  5. Green construction and environment protection.
  6. System modelling and simulation.
  7. Construction management.
  8. Efficiency in structural design.
  9. Flexibility in design.
  10. Design considerations for dynamic & static forces.
  11. Construction & renewable energy source.
  12. Saftey, Security & Risk management.
Benefits of Attending

Why attend this conference?
Attending a conference isn’t all about personal and career development. Since there are so many high-quality conferences and events put on each year, you actually need to opine about which ones you should go to and which you’ll benefit most from.

You not only get to hear presentations but also converse with other researchers from different universities and even countries you may have only heard or read about. It is a great opportunity to discover more about Engineering technology and listen to ideas that could help inspire research ideas of your own.

Not to mention, taking an overview of the place or urban center where the conference is being entertained and learning around its people and civilization
When designing our course of studies we are continuously aware of the fine balance between theory and practice therfore, It is an opportunity to engage with respectable professors and discuss with them the very latest research projects they could be working on.

Delegates will have the choice of receiving the conference proceedings as either a hard cover book or in digital format on a USB flash drive. The USB flash drive will additionally contain proceedings from previous conferences in this series.

Participation Procedures

Once an abstract is submitted, it will be sent to the reviewers committee to go through the revision process:

Elementary Review:

Once an abstract has been submitted to our website, it is assigned for review by the reviewers using the abstract review sheet and validation of publication. This is based on four criteria:

· Accepted as is for publication (with minor editing changes).

· Conditionally accepted for publication (with revisions provided to authors).

· Rejected but encouraged for re-submission with major modifications.

· Rejected as inappropriate or unworthy of publication in this certain conference.

The criteria for accepting abstracts for the conference are as follows; a relevant topic of the conference should be proposed with a clear writing, aims, and objectives of the study clearly presented as well as a sound literature and methodology of work.

First Acceptance:

Authors will receive a notification message to know the feedback of the reviewers committee. If an author receives the acceptance of his or her abstract, he or she has to continue writing the full-length paper using the requested templates.

Uploading Full-Length Paper:

Authors who are allowed to upload their full-length paper(s) should use the same account details to upload their full paper(s).

Second Acceptance:

The final paper will proceed to the primary revision to be checked if it meets the conference proceedings standards. Once it gets accepted, the author will be informed to pay the fees so that it could be sent for the final revision by the scientific committee.


In this step, and to proceed paper(s) that passed to final revision process and to get the final approval, authors have to pay the requested fees. Otherwise, the final revision process will not be considered for their papers.

Inspections and Final Approval of Full Papers:

The full papers that paid the requested fees will get finally inspected, either scientifically or linguistically. There will be a rigorous review process of full papers following the previous process according to the following criteria:

(1) Is the topic relevant to the conference?

(2) Is the writing and structure clear?

(3) Are graphics, photos, illustrations used where needed?

(4) Are the aims of the study clearly stated?

(5) Are the objectives of the study achieved?

(6) Is the literature review relevant and adequate?

(7) Has the author used appropriate methodology and explained them clearly?

(8) Has the author interpreted the findings correctly?

(9) Is the paper a significant contribution to the field?

These are the registration and revision procedures for publication that all authors should follow.

IEREK is now negotiating to sign several agreements with many top ranked Journals to publish the proceedings of its conferences. Announcements soon will be made regarding publishing.
Important Dates
Date From Date To Notes
Abstract Submission Deadline November 10, 2016
Last Notification for Abstract Acceptance November 11, 2016 November 26, 2016 Acceptance is issued once a positive feedback is received from the reviewing committee.
Full Paper Submission Deadline November 27, 2016 March 10, 2017
Last Notification for Full-Paper Acceptance March 11, 2017 March 26, 2017
Early Payment Deadline December 10, 2016 Late payment fees are mandatory after this date.
Late Payment Deadline April 10, 2017
Letter of Visa (for delegates who need visa entry) April 10, 2017 Will not be issued without completing the conference fees.
Letter of Final Acceptance April 20, 2017 Will not be issued without completing the fees, and approval of the Full Paper.
Conference Program January 10, 2017
Conference Launch July 10, 2017 July 12, 2017
Plagiarism Policy

IEREK has an unyielding policy regarding plagiarism. We believe that copying/taking the ideas and work of other Authors without permission and credit, is fraudulent. The Reviewing committee and IEREK employees have the authority to reject a paper during its reviewing process,  on the basis of the paper being subjected to either minor or major plagiarism. Duplicating any content, even if it is one sentence or one table without the consent of its original Author, will lead to the paper’s refusal upon the complaint of the plagiarism victim.

Author's Instructions

Abstracts should clearly state the purpose, results and conclusions of the work to be described in the final paper, a maximum 300 word abstract is to be submitted Note:

Final acceptance will be based on the full-length paper, which if accepted for publication, must be presented at the conference.
English will be the official language of the “Architecture, Engineering and Technologies” Conference.
Conference Location


The luxurious landmark Grand Nile Tower is poised directly on the magnificent Nile on the tip of Roda Island with a prime location in central Cairo, close to many cultural and tourists attractions. It is located in the Garden City area close to the centre of modern Cairo. The Cairo International Airport is approx. 20 km away from the hotel.

City Information
The largest city in Africa, Cairo is a vast, exotic city that stretches along the banks of Nile River in Egypt. The majority of the city lies to the east of the Nile although most visitors come to Cairo to visit the only surviving ancient wonder of the world, the magnificent pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx which are about 11 miles south-west of the centre of Cairo. The three colossal pyramids can be explored by means of tunnels that go deep inside the interior of the pyramids and by night there is an atmospheric Sound and Light Show, which is well worth seeing.

However, there is much more for visitors to Cairo to experience than the pyramids. The Egyptian Museum, located in central Cairo in Tahir Square, contains over 100,000 relics including the celebrated treasures of the Tutankhamun tomb. Discovered by Howard Carter in 1921, the collection includes the solid gold death-mask, the three golden catafalques, jewellery, scarabs, diadems, weapons, ceremonial gilded couches and chariots, all of which were buried with the 18th-dynasty boy king.

The Cairo Tower, on El Gezirah Island, provides a panoramic view of Cairo from the restaurant, located at the top of the tower. With literally dozens of mosques and Coptic churches to discover, the Ibn Tulun Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the world and is a fine example of classical Islamic architecture.

Old Cairo lies to the south of Cairo city centre and the Citadel, the Coptic Museum and the Hanging Church are all in this region and should not be missed.

Cairo offers a vast range of shopping opportunities, from modern shopping centres to the famous souks. The old bazaar, Khan El Khalili, is arguably, one of the most interesting places to shop and haggle over spices, perfume, gold and silver jewellery, leather work and brass and copper ware.


  • Cairo International Airport 20 km.
  • Cairo Museum 1.5 km.
  • Khan El Khalili 4 km.
  • Giza Pyramids 20 km.
  • Egyptian Museum 5 km.
  • Cairo International Conference Centre 15 km.
  • Cairo Tower 1.7 km.
  • The Citadel 1.5 km.

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Visa Application

For participants who need Entry Visas, IEREK will issue a visa letter for applicants who are accepted to present at our conferences. Please notice that we will endeavour to assist you in obtaining a visa but the responsibility is yours and the decision rests solely with the appropriate Embassy.

Conference Fees

Registration fee includes:

  • Access to all conference and poster sessions.
  • Refreshments /lunch as advertised in the programme.
  • Programme booklet.
  • Access to the general proceedings (online).


  • Delegates who cancel their registration due to special circumstances more than 60 days before the start of the conference and do not have a paper published in the proceedings will receive a complete refund minus the list price of the conference book and a $100 administration charge. Fees remain payable in full for cancellations received within 60 days of the start of the conference.
  • Please notice that we will endeavor to assist you in obtaining a visa but the responsibility is yours and the decision rests solely with the appropriate Embassy.
Fees for Authors $ 600
Fees for 1st Co-Author $ 300
Fees for Group of Co-Authors (2-4 Co-Authors) $ 500
Fees for An Audiences / Students / Listeners $ 400
Refund Policy

For Authors :

-If for any personal reason, you will not be attending the conference, you’ll be asked to provide a presentation and contact one of our scientific committee members for an extra fee, in order to present your work instead of you.

-If your visa got rejected, or if you weren’t able to get a security clearance for travel, kindly provide us with the rejection letter from the embassy/consulate or the office responsible for security clearances, and we will assign a member of the scientific committee for free to present your paper, after you’ve completed a PowerPoint presentation, only if a co-author will not be able to provide a presentation in your place, where in order for the co-author to present he will be required to pay the co-author fees as well.

-Once a visa letter and an acceptance letter has been issued, a refund will not be possible.

For Co-Authors, Audience, and Workshop attendees;

-Refund before the event with a duration of 45 days will be allowed in full, only deducted the fees for the transaction.

-Refund after the given duration of 45 days will only occur in case of Visa rejection, proof of rejection must be submitted, and according to the rejection reason refund amount will be determined as the following;

  • If the rejection reason stated that the rejection was the applicants fault for not submitting the required papers for the visa, refund will occur with administrative fees deducted from the total amount ONLY if before the event’s date, no refunds after the event’s date will occur.
  • If the rejection reason was decided for reasons that the Applicant can’t be accounted for, refund will occur with transaction fees deducted.
Scientific Commitee
Name Organization Country
Agis M. Papadopoulos
Professor, Director of the Process Equipment Design Laboratory, School of Engineering, Aristotle University Thessaloniki, Greece.
Sofia-Natalia Boemi
Post-Doc Researcher, Process Equipment Design Laboratory School of Engineering, Aristotle.
Matheos Santamouris
Professor of Energy Physics at the University of Athens and visiting professor at many Universities at Cyprus, London, Tokyo, Bolzano, Brunnel and Singapore.
Dean Hawkes
Emeritus Professor of Architectural Design, RIBA Visiting Board Panel and Member Scientific Committee, PLEACardiff University, Cardiff University.
United Kingdom
Yasser Osman Mahgoub
Head of Department of Architecture and Urban Planning College of Engineering.
Nawaf Hazim Saeid
Professor in Mechanical Engineering and Assistant Vice Chancellor (Research) Universiti Teknologi Brunei.
Konstantinos Moraitis
Professor andvspecialization in Philosophy of Aesthetics at the School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).
Ahmed Shehata
Professor of Urban and Environmental Design at Architecture Department at Effat University.
Saudi Arabia
Saleh Mesbah
Director of Remote Sensing and Spatial Studies Unit, College of Engineering and Technology, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AAST).
Ajay K Singh
Post-doctoral researcher of the Pohang University of Science and Technology.
Hatem Ibrahim
Associate Professor of Architecture at the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at Qatar University.
Mohamed Maher Shahin
Professor of Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering Faculty of Civil Engineering – Alexandria University.
Mohamed Hosny Abdelrahim
Associate Prof. (Surveying & Geodesy Chair Person) Faculty of Engineering. Civil Engineering - Transportation Department Alexandria University, Egypt.
Nabil Mohareb
Associate Professor in architectural design using digital simulation in forecasting their movements and behavior, Head of Faculty branch of Architectural Engineering, Beirut Arab University.
Fabio Naselli
Professor of Urban Design , Regional Planning, History and Design at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Kore University of Enna.
Ibrahim Maarouf
Associate Professor. Department of Architectural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering,. Alexandria University.
Md. Abdul Mannan
Professor at Civil Engineering at Univiersiti Malaysia Sarawak,UNIMAS
Hesham El-Shimy
Professor in Architectural Engineering Department Faculty of Engineering, University of Pharos, enrolled in many fellowships, academic and professional memberships.
Chaham Alalouch
Assistant Professor in Architectural Engineering since 2013. College of Engineering. Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat
Samer El sayary
Professor at Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, an academic lecturer who explores the boundaries of local heritage and develops it using research and computer.
Antonella Versaci
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, University "Kore" of Enna.